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Partners make the sun shine brighter

By Andrew Gori

Last updated November 14, 2018

The promise of technological change in the future is ratcheting up consumer expectations with businesses. As a result, the bar for what defines quality customer service is continually raised.

To respond to these ever-rising expectations, businesses require more flexibility and agility from their technology platforms than ever before. These business requirements are fueling demand for services provided by the public cloud and customer interactions that encompass a spectrum of channels and applications.

Too many companies think of themselves being at the center of this spectrum, and they struggle to create the kinds personalised experiences customers want. Zendesk’s Sunshine platform, an open CRM platform purpose-built for modern customer relationships, puts the customer in the center. Companies can connect all their customer data—wherever it lives—to give you a complete picture of the customer experience.

The Sunshine platform is grounded in Zendesk’s partnership with Amazon Web Services, which powers the underlying platform infrastructure. As part of this partnership, Zendesk is committed to offering integrations to core AWS services that we use internally to build and deliver Zendesk. In particular, the initial integrations are focused on enabling businesses to easily bring data both in and out of Zendesk, allowing our partners to create powerful and unique integrations.

How partners enrich the customer experience

Our partners are critical to our ecosystem and the success of our customers, and ultimately the experience of our customers’ customers. Several partners have already joined us on the journey to continue to bring more “sunshine” to the customer experience. Thanks to the teams at all of these great companies for collaborating with us to extend Zendesk in unique and valuable ways.

Here’s a quick summary of what the teams at Segment, Pendo, Stella Connect, and Oomnitza have been working to deliver:


Customers hate waiting. Segment accelerates ticket resolution by powering Interaction History with your first-party customer data like product usage, cart abandonment, web visits, and purchase history so you have a more specific, realistic view of the customers and can more quickly resolve their issues.


Every customer is different. Pendo shines light on these often subtle differences by surfacing in-app behaviour and sentiment, allowing success and support team members to have as much context as possible when responding to customer inquiries.

Stella Connect

Support interactions tend to focus on the short-term. With access to Stella surveys, the agent has all historical feedback from the specific customer displayed directly within the Timeline, providing better context for that customer’s overall relationship with the business.


Employees are customers, too, and they deserve the same quality support. Oomnitza leverages Oomnitza Bot, an IT asset management chat bot that works within Slack, and integrates with Zendesk to intelligently automate and escalate employee support requests and corresponding IT support staff responses.

Get sunny

As summed up by Erica Wass, director of platform products: “These partner integrations enrich the agent experiences for our joint customers, and we are excited to see where developers take these capabilities in the near future.”

Sunshine allows customers to easily integrate their existing tech stack, enabling them to leverage their existing technology investments and future-proof for imminent changes in the apps and technologies that their team wants to deploy. And, of course, deliver more innovative customer experiences.

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