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A+ integrations

New Zendesk app integrations are here. Learn all about how these new integrations can ease workloads for your sales and support teams.

By Eric Shen, Technology Alliances Strategy and Operations Manager

Last updated October 6, 2022

Here are the newest integrations from Zendesk to help your team provide top-quality experiences.

Yext User History

Yext User History (Support) reveals a requester’s journey through your Yext Search experiences—up until and after case creation. Arm your agents with this data so they can provide more relevant answers. The component displays all of the actions a customer has taken in Yext search. With this visibility, your agents can both communicate more efficiently with customers as well as identify gaps in documentation that haven’t effectively answered the customer’s questions.

Power BI Connector by Alpha Serve

Power BI Connector by Alpha Serve (Support) is an Enterprise-grade app that connects Zendesk to Microsoft Power BI. Export all Zendesk Support data related to tickets, ticket metrics, agents and users, satisfaction ratings, comments, organisations, etc., and build comprehensive reports to make data-informed decisions that drive strategic actions, and help companies to build better relationships with their customers.


Rdentify for Support and Chat (Support) (Chat) brings together state-of-the-art machine learning and linguistics technology to provide customer protection. It identifies signs of vulnerable customers during customer interactions and flags them to Customer Support agents in real time within Zendesk. Rdentify also analyses customer sentiment and Customer Frustration scores together; the tagging system assists businesses to better understand the source of customer frustration and allows for more informed QA of Customer Support Agents. Break down customer conversations by type and set your own tags—such as litigation threat, debt, financial harm, closure requests, deposit issues, etc.—and view all this information within your existing Zendesk integration.


Sift (Support) is the leader in Digital Trust and Safety, empowering digital disruptors and Fortune 500 companies to unlock new revenue without risk. Sift dynamically prevents fraud and abuse through industry-leading technology and expertise. This integration will enable your fraud teams to leverage Sift’s fraud prevention scores, to derive better insights and context while staying in strong alignment with your customer service team.

OCR PDF Converter by Knots

OCR PDF Converter by Knots (Support) converts your PDF or image file into a ticket comment. Optical character recognition automatically scans even handwritten text from Zendesk ticket attachments directly on ticket creation without delay. The text will then be stored as an internal comment on the ticket. It supports file extensions like PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG and HEIC.

Additional apps added in August:

  • Top Bar Bulletin (Support) adds a bulletin board to post notifications and announcements to all users on the top bar. Links may be pasted to allow quick access to frequently used websites.
  • Tech-Connect by AVH Technologies (Support) connects Zendesk to the Synchroteam Field Service Application. Link Synchroteam jobs to Zendesk tickets using a custom field that contains the Synchroteam job ID. The sidebar app will display the job details and will allow you to update, schedule, cancel and validate jobs from within the Zendesk ticket.
  • Webshipper (Support) displays the most important order and shipment information from Webshipper to your support agents inside of Zendesk. With the Webshipper app, your agents will have a quick and clear overview of the customer's past and current orders including: status, order lines, and a shortcut to the full details in your Webshipper dashboard.
  • Roadmap (Support) is a feedback-driven product management software that helps you build the right product based on your customers' needs. Send user feedback from Zendesk tickets directly to Roadmap to track feedback.
  • Help Center Analytics (Support) helps you build and grow your Zendesk knowledge base with analytics. Measure people's engagement with page views and reading time by article, section or category. Track people's journeys to understand what KB articles to improve and how. Find out what quantity and type of tickets is created from each article.
  • Squarespace by Solafid (Support) displays Squarespace order information to support agents while they serve customers. Agents can see a list of orders placed by the customer, including the order details such as order items, shipping and billing addresses, tracking details and order notes.
  • SupportLogic (Support) helps move your support from reactive to proactive to predictive by adding predictive insights to your Zendesk deployment. Connect SupportLogic to Zendesk and unlock a myriad of benefits that include case escalation prediction, AI-powered ticket backlog management, intelligent ticket routing, agent coaching and optimisation, sentiment analysis and even customer churn prediction.
  • Primary Phone Picker (Support) allows Zendesk Agents to update a requester's primary phone number. This app displays all phone numbers associated with a requester on the right-hand side of a ticket. Selecting a number and submitting temporarily removes and then restores your phone numbers to the correct order, placing the chosen number first.
  • Surfboard (Support) is a simpler, smarter and fairer team planning tool for customer service teams at scale. With the Zendesk integration for Surfboard, you'll have access to detailed forecasting—understand how your ticket volumes fluctuate and how many people you need to handle them, enabling faster shift planning.
  • Twilio SMS, Telnyx SMS, Burst SMS, Plivo SMS and RingCentral SMS by OAppS (Support) help you connect with your customers around the world using your SMS provider of choice for Zendesk. Instantly send SMS and MMS messages using both templated and customised SMS. Channel Integration helps to communicate within the Zendesk support medium.
  • MessageBird by Ulgebra (Sell) enables users to manage their conversations using various social media platforms in one place through MessageBird. Access these features within Zendesk Sell through the extension to accumulate and handle all the interactions in one place.
  • RingCentral SMS and Clickatell SMS by Ulgebra (Sell) send SMS messages to any Zendesk Sell contact, lead or deal. Click on 'Send Message', select your SMS sender, and enter the message or insert a template. Insert fields, user fields and emojis—if needed. Send the message.

New themes added in August

Cobalt features custom block icons at the top and bottom of the home page, a custom hero image for the homepage and community homepage, a responsive web design, the ability to set/unset social media links, and blocks for the direct navigation to categories pages and more.

Vancouver is a fully customisable theme with options to show call-to-action components on the homepage and all other pages. Show a custom message on the new ticket page. This theme comes equipped with custom blocks, video blocks, table of contents, formatting components, etc.

To view the full list of incoming apps, follow our weekly release notes.

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