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The AI-powered future of CX and EX is here – let us be your guide

The Zendesk Relate event is coming to Las Vegas from 16 to 18 April – you’ll see inspiring speakers, gain knowledge to take home and obtain best practice you can implement.

By Subarna Ganguly, Staff Writer

Last updated March 19, 2024

AI is radically transforming the world of customer service, and at Zendesk Relate, you’ll obtain insights and best practice to lead your organisation through this next wave of transformation successfully and make your business ready for AI-first service.

You’ll leave with the perspective, connections and know-how to provide more meaningful experiences and deliver automated service through next-gen digital agents that customers love. In addition, you’ll equip your agents and admins with the knowledge to harness customer data smartly and ethically in the AI-driven future of customer service.

An unforgettable personalised experience awaits you

Expect to be wowed, moved and inspired as our in-person event brings together thousands of senior business leaders, CX, EX, IT and HR practitioners, Zendesk partners, analysts and industry experts for three adrenaline-pumping days in Las Vegas.

You can expect more than 60 sessions on the hottest topics in CX today, including interactive breakout sessions, eye-opening demos, inspiring customer stories, fun evening events, exciting product launches, visionary Zendesk roadmap, exhilarating networking opportunities and powerful keynote speeches from customer experience leaders. Here’s a sneak preview:

  • Hear a keynote address, “Unveiling what’s next: revolutionising service with the power of AI”, from Zendesk CEO Tom Eggemeier.

  • Join Zendesk CIO Craig Flower in a Fireside Chat, “Building best-in-class IT service operations”, with American Expediting CIO Kirk Serjeantson.

  • Author, corporate culture expert and Zappos Insights co-founder Robert Richman will share how a small website became a multi-million-dollar business and game-changing playbook for delivering excellent employee experiences in service of customers and the bottom line.

  • We’ll also host a moderated conversation with an iconic celebrity guest (big reveal coming soon).

Click here for the full three-day schedule, where you can personalise your agenda by product spotlight, pillars and audience.

To seize the day – and stay ahead of the curve – CX leaders must get adept at understanding and navigating both the challenges and opportunities in this brave new world of intelligent CX.

If you can’t join in person, our digital event will unite our global community, with five broadcasts across 24 hours. We’ll broadcast the opening product keynote speech to your screen, in your time zone. Plus, you’ll get on-demand recordings of the keynote speech and select sessions from the Las Vegas conference.

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