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Fast-track lead generation with Sell + Reach

By Caroline Chromik, Senior Product Marketing Associate

Last updated October 30, 2020

Sales reps can spend hours scouring channels like LinkedIn for potential leads to add to their pipeline. Even then, there’s no guarantee they’ll find the right contact information for the leads they do generate. All that time spent researching and chasing potential customers can lead to a frustrating dead end. The good news is, lead generation doesn’t have to be time-consuming or fruitless. All you need is a lead-enrichment tool, such as Sell Reach.

Available to Zendesk Sell users, Reach automatically creates new lead profiles and auto-fills missing data fields for leads in your CRM. The tool pulls this information from Clearbit’s database of 20 million companies and 395 million prospects. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use Reach to rapidly generate quality leads with minimal research, effort and time.

Discover new lead opportunities with the click of a button

To find new sales opportunities with Reach, start by defining your lead criteria. For example, let’s say your ideal prospects are CEOs of small SaaS companies which develop software for hospitals. Reach will find leads that match your criteria and filter contacts by relevant factors, such as:

  • Industry

  • Business type

  • Number of employees

  • Annual revenue

  • Location

Choose your filters and select “find people”; a list of leads matching your search criteria will instantly display on your screen. Any information Reach has found for those contacts—such as email, phone number and social media handles—will be indicated on the right-hand side of your screen. Reach will even indicate if a found lead matches a contact card that already exists in your Sell account. This prevents sales reps from adding duplicate contacts to the pipeline.

The best part is that new leads discovered by Reach can be added to your Sell account by selecting them and clicking on “Import”. There are no .csv files to deal with and no need to manually map out data fields from messy exports to your Sell account. With the ability to find new contacts, Reach makes it easy to keep your pipeline full of quality leads and saves valuable time on prospect researching.

Instantly enrich incomplete lead profiles

Let’s say you’re searching for prospects on LinkedIn and stumble across an individual who meets all your lead criteria. The problem is, there’s no contact information listed, and direct messaging has been disabled.

You don’t have to spend valuable time tracking down an email or phone number, because Reach does this work for you. All the tool needs is one piece of information, such as a lead’s name or email, to automatically enrich an incomplete profile with additional details such as:

  • Phone numbers

  • Social media handles

  • Job Title

  • Company name

And, as with new leads discovered through Reach, no manual data entry is needed to fill in contact information. The tool will autofill any data fields missing in a lead contact card. You can even choose to enrich multiple lead profiles at once. Revive incomplete, inaccurate lead profiles with the help of Reach. Your reps can be sure that no opportunities are missed, with no need to spend extra time chasing down contact details.

Improve lead engagement with smart lists

All the leads discovered or enriched with Reach can be organised into smart lists within the Sell platform. And when contacts are organised into smart lists, you can connect and engage with them more quickly and efficiently.

For example, you can create customised email templates for one of your smart lists. Merge tags, such as a lead name or title, can be added to templates to facilitate personalised outreach at scale.

To learn more about how you can fast-track lead generation, read Getting started with Sell Reach.

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