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100+ catchy sales slogans and taglines that customers will love

Memorable sales slogans and taglines are the earworms of marketing. Learn what makes a great one and how to harness its power to accelerate sales.

By Donny Kelwig, Contributing Writer

Last updated June 7, 2023

Trying to find the right words can be hard, especially in high-pressure situations. And sales is a high-pressure industry. Luckily, when the wordplay of marketing magicians is at your fingertips, finding the perfect words for your sales slogan is easy.

In this piece, we’ll break down exactly what a sales slogan is, how it’s different from a tagline and how it benefits your campaign and company. We even gathered up more than 100 (highly entertaining) sample slogans to get you started. Plus, we have some tips for how to write your own – no slogan is one-size-fits-all.

What is a sales slogan?

A sales slogan is an easy-to-remember statement that companies use in advertisements. Effective advertising slogans are short, catchy and well-suited to the product or campaign the business wants to promote.

The word slogan derives from the Scottish Gaelic word meaning ‘battle cry’, so it makes sense that we now apply it to commercial campaigns. But now, we’re using it to create customer enthusiasm.

What’s the difference between sales slogans and sales taglines?

While a slogan is used for specific advertising campaigns, taglines are more permanent. A tagline is a concise, powerful description that represents your company. It’s what should stick with customers when they think of your brand, service and products. Whereas slogans come and go with products and campaigns, sales taglines won’t change unless a company undergoes a major rebranding.

Key characteristics of an exceptional sales slogan

Key characteristics of sales slogan, three hands pointing up

Above all, great slogans are words that sell. But what makes them memorable, even decades later? Here are the characteristics that make stellar slogans stand out.

  • Simple

    A simple slogan is easily understood because it’s relevant, meaningful and clear.

  • Definitive

    A definitive slogan symbolises brand intention. The slogan or tagline defines the brand experience and consumers associate it with their own experiences.

  • Catchy

    A catchy slogan typically makes use of poetic devices like rhymes or alliteration. It’s akin to a good musical hook – unforgettable after hearing it once or twice. Today, catchy is interchangeable with viral. Both words describe slogans that engage potential customers and keep spreading.

  • Creative

    Creative slogans invoke a novel way for customers to think about a product, service or experience. These types of slogans emphasise something special about the product or highlight elements that customers might take for granted in fun, entertaining ways.

  • Distinctive

    Unique is an overused word in the English language, but it’s worth including here. Your slogan needs to convey a distinctive message to your audience so you stand out from the crowd. Lean on one of your unique selling points (USPs) for inspiration.

What are the benefits of a sales slogan?

What are the benefits of a sales slogan?

Utilising sales slogans is a skillful way to grab customer attention when advertising your latest products, sales events and services. They can also keep sales teams focused on the right messaging as they nurture leads. Here are some specific benefits you can expect from a strong sales slogan.

  • Differentiation

    Ad spending on social media is projected to reach 6 billion in 2022. With so many dollars pouring into the major platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.), a superior sales slogan sets your campaign apart. Capture attention by differentiating your company from the crowd.

  • Branding

    Brand identity rests on a one-of-a-kind logo, a killer tagline and, of course, the brand name itself. Marketing campaigns should reflect the company’s overall brand rather than simply promote catchy selling phrases. When crafting your sales campaign slogan, use tone and language that matches your brand identity – whether it’s conversational and casual or formal and industry-leading.

  • Consistency

    Marketing and advertising campaigns have many moving pieces. A clear, punchy slogan can tie everything together. Cohesion across advertising, promotional swag and product packaging creates brand recognition for customers. It also builds trust.

  • Increased product demand

    Unforgettable slogans give customers something to latch onto when thinking about your product. Is it fun? Better than the competition? Necessary? Desirable? Short-and-sweet slogans make your product more memorable and increase demand for it.

  • Higher customer engagement

    When done well, slogans are an effective way to connect with your customers. They cultivate a positive attitude toward your products, services and overall brand image, which can snowball into brand loyalty and advocacy.

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100+ sales slogans for your business

We’ve rounded up an array of great sales slogans to spice up your digital marketing.

January sales

  • Don’t be slow! Our prices are low.
  • The best for less.
  • Don’t delay – sales today!
  • Keep calm and buy up.
  • It’s the biggest sale of the year!
  • Everything you need – on a budget.
  • Enjoy the best rates!
  • Hurry before stock runs out!
  • Your wallet-friendly store.
  • Shop ‘til you drop!
  • A sale that brings joy.
  • These are the discounts you’re looking for.

Spring campaigns

  • Winter is over, but our spring sale has just begun!
  • Spring into savings.
  • Discounts are in bloom.
  • Hurry in for our big spring clearance sale!
  • Fresh spring sales are here.
  • Fall in love with the best deals this season.
  • A refreshing sale for a limited time.
  • Spring into our new collection at the best rate.

Summer sales

  • Regular prices are on holiday.
  • Discounts you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Outlet season is about to start.
  • Exceptional discounts this season.
  • Liberate your budget.
  • Keep smiling and carry on purchasing.
  • Don’t delay; buy today.
  • Don’t let this discount opportunity get away.
  • The latest stylish products are on sale.
  • Peak shopping, peak joy.
  • Splash into huge savings!
  • Fill your sails with sales.
  • This sale is hot!
  • Hot sale on summer products.
  • Limited time blowout sale.
  • Sales ending soon!
  • Our summer sale is live – come while it’s hot!
  • Sizzling sales start today.
  • End-of-season sale.
  • Celebrate big savings this summer!
  • Great deals for a great cause.
  • Welcome summer with 30% off!
  • Deals too hot to handle.
  • Bye-bye-to-summer sale.

Autumn slogans

  • Harvest the best deals this autumn.
  • Awesome autumn sale.
  • Autumn savings sale – today only!
  • Two-day sale! Get autumn leaving.
  • Come today. Don’t delay.
  • Summer is over but autumn sales have just begun!
  • Autumn savings are in the air.
  • Autumn means huge savings.

Winter campaigns

  • Cosy up to these great deals.
  • Savings – the reason for the season.
  • Winter is coming. So is our winter sale.
  • Winter sale, now on!
  • Ski into big savings!
  • Big winter clearance sale.
  • It’s our flipping festive sale!

Retail store slogans

  • Come on in for snazzy savings!
  • It’s sale time!
  • Incredible sale for incredible people.
  • Scoop up the essentials.
  • One purpose: your satisfaction.
  • Snag your favourites!
  • Limited-time blowout sale.
  • The wait is over – our sale starts today!
  • Get more for less.
  • Feel-good deals.

Discount sales phrases

  • Enhance your joy – of shopping.
  • Wild discounts.
  • Stylish gifts for less.
  • Another chance to enjoy big savings.
  • Special offers!
  • It’s a sale to remember.
  • The mother of all sales starts now!
  • Don’t miss out on these discounts!


  • We’re declaring our love with big savings.
  • A perfect gift for you from us.
  • Cheers to us and here’s to you!
  • Another year to save big.
  • Cheers to another year!
  • Our anniversary sale – one day only!
  • Here’s our declaration of you – a day of discounts!
  • All you need is love – and an anniversary sale.
  • Celebrate love with a great sale.
  • A gift to remember.
  • A special surprise to celebrate our special day.
  • Our anniversary sale is in full swing!
  • Buy one, get one free – it’s a special anniversary sale.
  • Our anniversary sale prices will have you smiling.
  • Buy big and save big on our anniversary sale.
  • Fall in love with our new prices – anniversary sale.

Catchy sales phrases

  • A sale for all seasons.
  • Don’t delay, purchase today!
  • Come and clean us out!
  • This sale will not last long.
  • Dynamite savings for you.
  • The best stock at the best prices.
  • Fill your life with amazing deals.
  • Time is running out on these great discounts.
  • Lower prices. Higher quality.
  • Treat yourself!
  • Don’t think twice. It’s alright – to shop.

5 tips for writing a superb sales slogan or tagline

Tips for writing a sales slogan or tagline, writing on notepad

No matter how much or little sales experience you have, you too can come up with a strong slogan. As you put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, here are our top five tips for brainstorming sales phrases.

1. Find inspiration

Look to leading brands to see how their taglines and slogans land. Some of the most well-known ones include:

  • Disney: The happiest place on earth.
  • Nike: Just do it.
  • McDonald’s: I’m lovin’ it.
  • Volkswagen Beetle: Think small.
  • M&Ms: Melts in your mouth, not in your hand.

2. Be aware

Consider your brand status and your industry. If your brand is fairly new or less recognisable, you will have less context to draw on than, say, McDonald’s. You’ll need to be more specific with your language. Know yourself, but also know your buyer.

3. Focus on what makes you different

Highlight what makes your product, service or company stand out from the competition.

4. Choose a clear approach

As you consider your product or service, decide whether to highlight what it is, what it does or what it means. Don’t mix and match here, or you’ll muddy the waters.

5. Keep it short and simple

Above all, slogans and taglines must be memorable. Short phrases are easier to remember and repeat. You don’t want your tagline to be TLDR – so keep it clear and concise.

Leverage strong slogans in sales

While a slogan may not be what gets a prospect in the door, it will be something that sticks with them later. A lot rides on nailing those catchy selling phrases – they’re the diving board that launches leads into the first stage of the sales funnel: awareness.

Competition is fierce and trends are constantly changing, but a great slogan helps you start on the right foot with prospects and leads. It may be the first introduction a person has to your company and create a lasting impression. Make it a good one.

Improve your sales process

A good sales process is the foundation of any successful sales organisation. Learn how to improve your sales process and close more deals with this free guide.

Improve your sales process

A good sales process is the foundation of any successful sales organisation. Learn how to improve your sales process and close more deals with this free guide.

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