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Let’s get conversational: 9 ways to transform your CX with messaging

Last updated November 3, 2021

Messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have made it easy to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, and to share meaningful content with the people we care about most. The messaging revolution has also transformed customers’ expectations. Consumers all over the world now expect to be able to engage with brands with the same richness and convenience they’re used to in their personal lives. Unlike live chat, messaging is designed for rich, continuous and convenient digital relationships.

To meet these expectations and future-proof the company, brands are turning to integrated messaging platforms that make it easy to deliver the best experience wherever customers are. The results? Increased engagement, higher customer satisfaction, and a conversational relationship with each customer.

Sunshine Conversations is an open, flexible and advanced messaging platform for conversational business. With this platform, you get a single API that unifies messages from every channel under a single customer profile and conversation. With a single view, you can harness the power of conversational data to transform support into conversational business at every step of the customer journey.

In this eBook, you’ll learn 9 ways you can leverage a modern messaging platform like Sunshine Conversations to go beyond support and transform your customer experience by:

  • 1. Delivering omnichannel customer support
    2. Embedding modern messaging into your website and apps
    3. Helping customers take action inside the conversation
    4. Integrating chatbots for self-service at scale
    5. Starting the conversation with your customer
    6. Bringing anyone into the conversation
    7. Speaking your customer’s language
    8. Sharing conversations with anyone in your business
    9. Controlling the flow of the conversation

Let’s get conversational: 9 ways to transform your CX with messaging