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Welcome to Showcase: where we shine a light on the intelligent heart of customer experience

The Zendesk Relate buzz isn't over. We're bringing local editions of our flagship event to Europe known as 'Showcase', where industry experts, customers, and prospects will have the chance to experience new Zendesk offerings firsthand, as well as enjoy fun and immersive experiences. Continue reading to discover what different cities have planned!

By Lilia Krauser, Staff Writer

Last updated July 27, 2023

Customer experience is now shaping the way companies across the world do business. We’ve seen companies thrive based on their ability to listen to their customers’ needs and keep up with the latest trends. The latest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) provide a bounty of opportunities and possibilities for businesses to rise to the challenge, and deliver seamless, personalised, and immersive experiences for their consumers.

That’s why we announced our commitment to shaping the future of intelligent CX with Zendesk AI, as well as our recent partnership with Open AI, which brings to life features that leverage revolutionary generative AI onto our products. We made these exciting announcements at Zendesk Relate, our flagship annual conference, where we brought together industry leaders, experts, and our customers in the heart of San Francisco.

And we’ve got some more exciting news! We are thrilled to announce that we are hosting a series of events based on Relate in several European cities, which include Munich, Paris, Utrecht, and London. These regional events will provide an opportunity for our customers to dive deeper into the latest customer experience trends and learn from industry experts. Each event features engaging keynotes on our vision of intelligent CX, interactive workshops, fun activities, and the chance to explore Zendesk’s latest product offerings firsthand.

Mark your calendars and discover what exciting and unique activities each city has planned!

The CX update in Munich

Our first European event took place on April 25th in Germany, where we took immersive experiences to the next level. From innovative product announcements, to virtual games, live-cooking food stations, networking opportunities, and even an after-event party with a DJ, attendees had a power packed day that provided food for the soul and mind, while allowing them to get inspired and enthusiastic about generative AI in CX.

The event kicked off with our very own CEO, Tom Eggemeier, who shared his vision regarding the future of intelligent CX, and how Zendesk will contribute to helping customers deliver unique CX. He also shared a sneak peek into Zendesk’s exciting brand refresh to reflect our new attributes: confident, distilled, fresh, and generous.

Matthias Goëhloer, EMEA CTO, then took the stage to talk further about our latest AI capabilities available in our newest products, and the pressing importance of investing in AI. In fact, the latest advances in AI allow us to deliver seamless and personalised experiences, as well as factor in empathy, in addition to intelligence, in order to make customers feel valued. Tanja Hilpert, DACH VP at Zendesk, then hosted a customer panel with Breuninger, Bergfreunde and tesa, where they shared Zendesk best practices when it comes to leveraging aspects of generative AI onto Zendesk products.

To find out more about how companies across the world use AI to deliver superior and immersive customer experiences, check out this year’s CX Trends report.

Zendesk Showcase in Paris

The next European event took place at Le Cercle d’Aumale in Paris, on June 1st. The event was hosted by Zendesk’s Sophie Pietremont, Marketing Director at Zendesk and Jean-Pierre Giannetti, Vice President of Zendesk France. While the event consisted of fun activities such as industry workshops, drinks, food–including crêpes, of course–as well as a performance from comedian Caroline Vigneaux, we are happy to also bring a digital version on June 22nd.

The online version of our event will include a roundtable discussion around the role artificial intelligence plays in delivering better customer experiences. We’ll also be discussing the importance of putting your customers at the heart of your strategy, as tailoring your experiences to their needs can become a big differentiating factor. Our webinar will also include a live demo of our newest product offerings, such as Zendesk AI, and will feature multiple customer interviews. These interviews will involve customers such as Nickel and Mirakl, who will participate in a roundtable discussion around how to use AI to put customers at the heart of their strategy.

To find out more about the contents of Zendesk Showcase in Paris, make sure to sign up to our webinar to get all the latest on the future of customer experiences.

Zendesk Showcase in Utrecht

We’re also hosting one of our Showcase events at The Fabrique, in the Netherlands, on June 8th. This specific event will be hosted by Michel van der Meulen, Enterprise sales, and Martine Niermans, Customer Success Director at Zendesk, and attendees include Levi’s, Pathé, Bosch, and many more!

Zendesk Showcase in Utrecht will feature a roundtable, where attendees will discuss whether they have the correct tools to integrate AI capabilities into their CX strategy, and how to make the most out of their AI investments. Additionally, we’ve also highlighted the importance of putting your customers first, and how this mindset can help companies gain a competitive advantage. As such, we’ve invited Frans Reichardt to deliver a session entitled ‘Kissing a cactus’ where he will reveal the hidden powers of listening to your customers as well as how brands can take their listening skills to the next level. The event will also feature a panel between Zendesk, Ultimate, and Rob van den Boogaard, Director Client Onboarding Services at GEC Digital to discuss what consumers are expecting to see from AI in customer service. In fact, our panellist will dive into how to use AI to fill experience gaps, provide instant personalisation, and supercharge communication with chatbots and voice assistants, all the while being empathic.

To know more about consumers’ expectations of AI, download our white paper here.

Zendesk Showcase in London

Our next Showcase will happen on June 22nd at 180 Studios in London and will gather over 200 CX leaders and their teams. An afternoon of knowledge sharing with keynotes, exciting AI and product updates from Zendesk’s leaders, including Tom Eggemeier, CEO, Pat Copeland, Chief Engineering Officer, Cristina Fonseca, VP of Product, to name just a few… The spotlight will shine the brightest on AI, especially how it can help tackle complex issues, as well as solving new problems, even ones we’ve never seen before.

During the event attendees will also learn from Zendesk’s Partners–Ultimate, Capgemini, Five9, and hear from a customer panel. Get ready for that first hand insight and inspiration from your peers at, Mercer and dfs!

There also will be happy hour with product demos (more AI in action!), plenty of networking and surprise live music performance to get us all in the mood for the festival season ahead!

Taking Showcase across the globe

After a successful round of Showcase events in our major European hubs, Showcase is now making waves in the APAC region. Showcase Melbourne took place on June 8th with over 300 attendees and now the stage is all set for Showcase Singapore on June 26th at the New Pan Pacific Orchard Hotel. Attendees will get local insights into customer service and get practical knowledge on how to sharpen their CX strategy. We’ll be joined by our very own CTO, Adrian McDermott and Chad Pearce, Vice President of APAC Marketing at Zendesk.

At this exciting event, we’ll dive deeper into the benefits of AI for customer service strategy as well as how it can contribute to ROI. We’ll also host a Fireside chat with Sleek and Gcash, where we’ll explain how AI is transforming the future of customer experience, and how firms can deploy strategically within their organisations. Another key feature of our event will be a customer panel discussion with leading Asia-pacific businesses such as Bukalapak, BigPay, Prism+, and ShopBack, where we’ll unravel how firms can put their customers at the heart of their business while creating sustainable growth and a competitive advantage. To register for our Singapore event, click here.

Stay tuned for more event updates. Next stop, Showcase Japan in October!

Zendesk Showcase in Melbourne

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