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Diversity, equity, & inclusion

IWD 2023: Celebrating women around the world who are championing equity

This year’s theme for IWD is “Embrace Equity”—and that’s exactly what these women at Zendesk are enabling and empowering others to do.

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6 min read

Pride month ends, the action continues

Zendesk celebrated Pride 2022 under the theme of Love Sparks Action. Here's how we will continue to support LGBTQIA+ rights and champion diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.

4 min read

Why we’re all part of the diversity journey

2020-2021 was the perfect storm of crisis. Injustice and the pandemic uncertainty made us all pause,…

11 min read

By 2035, analysts expect a primarily digital society.

"Digital is changing our entire social contract, the implicit understanding of what our society is based on," said Scott Smith, Director of Webinar Content for Gartner

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