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Supporting Ukraine

By Peter Lorant, Chief Operating Officer, EMEA

Last updated March 17, 2022

Like the rest of the world, we have watched with sorrow and anger as war unfolds in Ukraine. Our hearts break for the people of Ukraine, and we hope world leaders continue to look for swift paths to peace.

While we do not have any business operations in Ukraine, we are supporting our customers and partners there with payment relief so that they may continue to support their customers without interruption.

We’ve donated $400,000 USD to the International Rescue Committee and $300,000 USD to World Central Kitchen from our corporate giving entity, the Zendesk Foundation. These grants will help provide on-the-ground support for people in Ukraine, and aid the overwhelming influx of refugees entering Poland and neighboring countries. Zendesk is also matching employee donations of up to $100,000 USD to the International Rescue Committee. Via our Tech for Good program, we’re offering free software, and volunteers to assist with setup, to nonprofits providing aid, relocation and other services to the people of Ukraine. We welcome all applications here.

We’ve suspended all sales activities in Russia and Belarus. For our small number of existing customers there, we will, in compliance with sanctions and export controls, honour our current commitments but, as current subscription terms expire, exit these relationships.

We recognise the situation in Ukraine is rapidly evolving. We’re committed to continue looking for ways to support the people of Ukraine, neighboring countries, and all communities impacted by this event.

We support Ukraine. We stand for peace.

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