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Whitepaper 1 min read

Meeting the challenges of CX in modern manufacturing

Years ago, to succeed as a manufacturer, it was sufficient to make high-quality products and price fairly. The game is very different today.

Worldwide competition has ramped up, especially as direct-to-consumer brands come onto the scene, most of them built with a customer-centric mindset that appeals to digital natives. Many companies are also managing an increasingly complex global supply chain, which involves maintaining relationships with a huge network of other businesses, such as suppliers, distributors and retailers. Staying organised and keeping operations running smoothly requires the management of different systems, communications and workflows.

This has forced manufacturing companies to think about the customer experience in brand-new ways.

In this white paper, you’ll find:

  • An analysis of the top 4 CX challenges for manufacturing companies to overcome

  • Ways to future-proof your company’s approach to CX

  • How technology can help teams deliver a better customer experience

  • Vertical-specific guidance for delivering a modern CX in the manufacturing industry

    Meeting the challenges of CX in modern manufacturing