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5 biggest gaps in customer service for mid-size companies

Companies like Amazon and Uber have set the standard for customer service, which means that keeping up with customer expectations can be tough. Mid-size companies—with between 100 and 1,000 employees—grow their customer service teams faster and use more advanced tools than small businesses. But when it comes to customer service, there’s always room for improvement.

Nearly half the midsize company leaders we surveyed said their teams still rely on a shared email inbox to manage tickets—meaning information about customers goes unlogged, and customer service teams lack a way to understand how agents are responding. Whether it’s an overflowing queue, a lack of accessible channels, or chaos when it comes to the flow of information, mid-size businesses have their work cut out for them.

In a new report, we follow mid-size companies using Zendesk for their first few years. Take a look at our findings—including how an omnichannel solution enabled these businesses to elevate their customer service strategy to the next level.

5 biggest gaps in customer service for mid-size companies