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Zendesk for Manufacturing: Customer service that powers lifetime customer value

<h5>Learn how to connect all of your customer data to create better CX and boost your bottom line.</h5> <br> <a href="" target="_blank"><button class="button button-medium button-primary form-submit-btn js-submit-btn" type="submit"><span class="text">Download now</span></button></a>

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The manufacturing industry has seen increasing challenges over the last few years, including facing increasing global competition, disruptions in international supply chains, changing customer preferences, remote work and workforce reskilling, as well as fundamental shifts in product and service offerings. Learn how Zendesk for Manufacturing helps support teams deliver exceptional service through any channel.

Better support your suppliers, distributors, and customers

The manufacturing landscape is shifting, bringing new challenges and opportunities. The demand for ultra-customer centricity, self service, and digital disruption is heightening. Check out our resources to become a number one manufacturing supplier with CX.

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