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Winning in the dynamic world of eCommerce and retail: the essential survival kit in uncertain times

Times are tough today with customers all over Europe and the UK struggling to cope with the cost of living crisis. The second part of this eBook series deep dives into the top strategies for retailers to survive and thrive in these challenging times.

By Subarna Ganguly and Lilia Krauser, Staff Writers

Last updated August 30, 2023

In the first part of our eBook series ‘The changing landscape of eCommerce: view from a European retailer’s lens‘, we discussed the importance of getting behind the latest trends in the eCommerce space, as well as the importance of adapting to changing consumer behaviours and needs.

In this part of the series, we take a deep dive into the top strategies for retailers to survive this economic downturn and thrive during these challenging times. Some of the themes discussed include:

  • Getting behind the ‘Digital shelf’ and ‘Endless Aisle’ trends.
  • How to improve the post purchase experience, especially when it comes to returning an item
  • How to online reviews can impact retailers, and how to make the most of them

While our eBooks highlight the necessity for European retailers to get behind these trends and strategies, we also contrast the gap between customer sentiment and actions taken by retailers. And with so many consumers willing to walk out after a single bad experience, some retailers won’t be able to afford staying dormant for long.

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