The changing landscape of eCommerce: view from a European retailer’s lens

Read how European retailers can rise out of these recessionary times stronger, by adapting to changing consumer behaviour and getting behind the latest trends in eCommerce.

By Subarna Ganguly and Lilia Krauser, Staff Writers

Last updated August 30, 2023

Countries around the world are experiencing soaring energy bills, supply chain disruptions, and the aftershocks of the pandemic, but the situation in Europe is especially precarious. In this eBook, we discuss how European retailers can survive these rough waters, by adapting to changing consumer behaviour and taking part in the following eCommerce trends shaping the future of eCommerce:

  • Headless commerce
  • Social commerce
  • Livestream commerce
  • Augmented reality commerce
  • Omnichannel service
  • Artificial intelligence in retail

With eCommerce spreading out across multiple platforms, retailers looking to re- energise their businesses must leverage new technologies to help them stand out in the crowded digital marketplace and drive bottom- line growth. To do this, retailers must readjust, renew, and reinvent their business strategies and evolve their CX to win in the new world. We discuss how in our next eBook in this series.