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The new era of AI-powered Workforce Engagement Management

Discover the latest releases for Zendesk QA and WFM and how they can elevate your customer service operations.

By Lilia Krauser, Staff Writer

Last updated June 6, 2024

AI-driven customer interactions are increasing by the minute. Workforce engagement tools powered by Zendesk AI are one way CX teams can optimise their service operations and team productivity without sacrificing quality.

At Relate, we announced Zendesk Workforce Engagement (WEM) solutions, a new wave of innovations that will transform the way service operations are run. Here’s how customers are already adopting these features and making the most of them.

Deliver faster and higher quality customer experiences with Zendesk QA

Zendesk QA allows you to ensure quality service experiences, covering 100% of your service interactions. Liberty London, a British luxury retailer, currently uses Zendesk QA to streamline quality assurance processes to ensure a consistently excellent customer experience. Liberty uses Zendesk QA to pinpoint exact areas for customer service improvement across their channels, thereby elevating their customer experience to match their high standards of luxury. As a result, Liberty has a CSAT of 88% (a 2.3% increase) and has managed to decrease first reply time by 73%.

“As a renowned luxury goods company, elevating our customer service to match our reputation is crucial. Zendesk QA provides us with clear quality oversight, pinpointing the exact areas needing improvement.”
– Sophie Elgar, Quality and Training Manager at Liberty

Building upon this foundation, we are introducing AutoQA for AI agents within Zendesk QA – this allows you to ensure quality automated service interactions. This also ensures that AI agents represent your brand well and deliver on the promise of quality and service – enabling you to meet customers’ rising service expectations.

On top of that, we also introduced Voice QA, which puts the power of Zendesk AI to work to evaluate call transcripts and score calls but also identifies outliers for manual review just like it does for other channels – giving you higher visibility on agents’ performance.

To make the most out of these new features, you can also combine them with Zendesk QA’s Spotlight feature, which will automatically help you spot any issues or negative sentiment on all your channels. In turn, this allows you to spot any unhappy customers before they churn and ensure better service interactions.

Better short-term and long-term planning with enhanced predictive workforce planning

At Relate, customers joined us to discuss how they are using and already benefiting from Zendesk WFM. Upwork, a platform connecting freelancers with companies, has embraced Zendesk WFM to advance their WFM operations, especially by harnessing our robust reporting and scheduling tools. This has ultimately boosted team productivity and served to seamlessly integrate WFM data across various business systems.

Meanwhile, for Wyze, a smart home technology company, the shift to Zendesk WFM has revolutionised workforce management through its precise forecasting and real-time report. It has fostered considerable cost savings and optimised staffing across their global locations, all the while enhancing agent experience and workplace culture. Since adopting Zendesk WFM, Wyze has seen 10x business growth and 98% improvement in first call resolution.

“We serve up to 70,000 tickets per month with a very small group of people, so having an easy-to-use platform is important. Since moving to Zendesk, functionality became way more stable, and we now answer 98% of our calls.”
– Chuck Courtney, Support Manager at Wyze Labs

Building on these impressive results, we developed further enhancements to Zendesk WFM that will amplify these benefits. Our suite now includes nine detailed workloadand staffing algorithms, each tailored for specific support scenarios ranging from seasonal patterns to granular data outliers. Zendesk automatically chooses the best fit for your data yet provides the freedom to select your preferred model. We also developed an advanced operational dashboard, which offers real-time forecasting alongside a revealing comparison of predictions versus reality.

Looking ahead, we’re adding long-range forecasting and a staffing cost tool, integrating custom financial inputs to streamline planning beyond spreadsheets. These developments exemplify our commitment to optimising resource allocation and strategic foresight.