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Interacting with university staff: are students satisfied with the current state of student experience?

Last updated August 30, 2023

The state of the student experience at universities around the world has been a topic of discussion for many years-even more so since the pandemic. One of the critical factors of the student experience relies on their interaction with staff, as the latter is responsible to help students with housing, grades, career advice and so on.

Additionally, not all universities are the same, which consequently means that students have different expectations regarding their interaction with staff-depending on the institution they attend. Students who pay higher fees or attend prestigious institutions, for instance, have higher expectations when it comes to interactions with university staff. As such, institutions need to ensure they can meet their students’ expectations, or risk losing them to other universities. And with students being the backbone of any academic institution, ensuring a high quality experience isn’t an option.

In our latest eBook, we will explore:

  • The current state of interactions between university staff and students
  • Students’ satisfaction levels with the current methods of interaction
  • Successful examples of university interactions
  • Best practices for improving university interactions