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How mid- to large-size businesses can accelerate EX success

Last updated August 26, 2021

Companies have made seismic shifts in how they do business in the past 18 months. Customer and employee expectations shifted dramatically, and so did workplace dynamics. The sudden reality of digital first forced companies to acquire new technologies for their customers and remote teams.

Thankfully, most years aren’t pandemic years — but wise companies are now prioritising investments in their employees.

This guide, which is packed with actionable data, lays out a series of best practices for how midsize and large businesses can develop a robust employee experience.

Learn how to evolve the employee experience by:

  1. Meeting employees where they are

  2. Helping employees get answers faster with self-service

  3. Offering a single view for internal support teams

  4. Empowering employee support teams with workflows that promote efficiency and collaboration

  5. Scaling self-service with help from internal support teams