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Futurum report: how investing in the right digital solution improves CX

The global events of 2020 transformed the ways in which we live and work, and companies continue to feel its impact. Customer expectations are evolving quickly, putting pressure on brands to rapidly invest in new technology to better meet changing needs.

This renewed focus on improving the customer experience (CX) through IT investments became critical as companies fought hard to retain customers and boost revenue in an environment that had shifted to digital at an unprecedented pace.

Businesses are now rethinking their CX stacks for a very different world than the one they had been operating in before. When surveying 400+ IT leaders:

  • 44% anticipate their budgets specific to CX solutions will increase in 2021.

  • 18% either expect their spend to remain the same or aren’t certain yet.

The trend is expected to continue, especially when research shows that nearly two thirds of consumers would switch companies after one bad customer service experience. Additionally, the arrival of more powerful flexible CX platforms has helped businesses improve their customer service outcomes.

Investing in digital solutions can certainly pay off. Futurum Research delved into what leading companies are doing right and how the Zendesk platform sets itself apart from other premium-tier enterprise solutions.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Why enterprises are investing in IT solutions that improve customer service.

  • What challenges companies are facing with their current customer service investments.

  • How Zendesk fits into the modern IT stack and makes life easier for IT leaders.

Download the report to unlock these valuable insights.

How investing in the right digital solution improves CX

Futurum Research