The SMB agility playbook – set yourself up for long-term success

Last updated July 29, 2021

To be ready for whatever is around the corner, SMBs need to be responsive to shifting customer needs. That means being agile: designing teams, processes and technology to meet those needs, not for one unusual year, but for every year and decade to come.

Thankfully, most years aren’t pandemic years – but companies are wiser to the importance of building their agility muscles and keeping them strong over time.

This agility playbook, which includes original data sourced from nearly 4,000 customer experience and customer service business leaders, managers and agents, provides actionable insights tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Learn how to become more agile by:

  1. Making it easier to hear what customers are saying

  2. Designing teams to stay productive through change

  3. Investing in flexible technology that supports CX goals