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Shattering the Stereotypes of Chat

Last updated December 3, 2019

“Which channel should I be using to talk to my customers? How can I be ready to meet their expectations during the busy holiday season? How do they want to be heard?”

These are just a few questions that many leaders in customer experience may be asking themselves this holiday season (and beyond).

As we enter the festive season, Zendesk was keen to understand the communication channels, tone of voice and service timeframes that consumers will be expecting from their favourite businesses in the run-up to this year’s holiday break.

Through UK Consumer survey of more than 2,000 shoppers and complemented with various social listening tools to analyse a range of retail and financial service brand communication channels, Zendesk’s report on the trends in chat reviews key findings on today’s trends in the consumer market and what it means for brands.

In this report, you will learn a holistic view of the best practice customer experiences that people are looking for, how consumers want to chat with brands, what people complain about most and the channel they prefer to communicate through.