Customer experience Travel and hospitality Trends 2022

Published June 9, 2022
Last updated June 22, 2022

With people travelling again, companies can grow their business – and their bottom lines – just by delivering top-notch customer service. But they must rise to the challenge of meeting higher expectations by transforming the
systems and processes that are holding them back.

Delivering exceptional customer service can mean the difference between standing out or falling behind, but travel and hospitality businesses have to move quickly to avoid common traps that may derail their growth plans:

Disjointed systems confuse customers and halt growth

When agents have to juggle multiple tools, it’s incredibly difficult to capture a single view of the
customer. It’s a missed opportunity – as 90% of customers are willing to spend more for personalised experiences, but just 30% of travel and hospitality agents say they’re very effective at finding the information needed to meet those expectations. To get there, a third of companies say they’ll need to design and implement new work processes or risk more frustration for everyone involved.

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