Customer Experience Manufacturing Trends 2022

Published June 9, 2022
Last updated June 22, 2022

Manufacturing leaders agree – customer service impacts the bottom line. But many companies are missing the mark when it comes to giving their agents the training and support they need to be effective.

Leadership is all talk, but it’s the doing that counts

Going all in on customer service requires buy-in at the top. But whilst 72% of manufacturing leaders agree that customer service is a critical business priority, 33% report that it’s still not owned by the C-suite. What’s more, only 20% report viewing customer service metrics on a daily basis.

Solution: Infuse a customer service-first mindset across the company with active engagement from leadership.

Agents are burnt out and feel undervalued

Agents’ roles have become more important and strategic, but just 16% of those working for manufacturing companies feel empowered to do their jobs well. What’s more, 44% feel like they aren’t treated as well as others in the organisation. It’s a slippery slope: unhappy agents can quickly turn into dissatisfied customers.

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