Customer Experience Government Trends 2022

Published June 9, 2022
Last updated June 22, 2022

To jumpstart growth in this digital transformation, government organisations need only look to their own customers. Customer service in the private sector has emerged as a key differentiator between companies and a top consideration for customers. Some 61% of customers globally say they now have higher customer service standards after this past year’s crisis. And government agencies are taking note and making strides in their own digital transformation initiatives.

It’s finally time for government organisations to think about what comes next. And after more than a year of adapting and responding to unprecedented change, they’re looking ahead to become truly digital-first organisations.

Leadership is all talk, but it’s the doing that counts

Going all in on customer service requires buy-in at the top. But whilst 66% of government leaders agree that customer service is a critical priority, 57% report that it’s still not owned at the leadership level. What’s more, only 16% report viewing customer service metrics on a daily basis

30% of government organisations say they’ll need to design new 23% 30% workflows or risk more frustration for everyone involved.

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