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Sharing identity to foster customer loyalty

Stronger customer relationships through shared values

Excellent service is a key to earning loyal customers. However, it is only one part of the equation, other forces are at often at play.

The development of an identity that customers wish to share may be one of the best ways for both to stand out from the crowd. This shared identity can create formidable bonds that can help brand weather the ups and downs in customer relationships.

Recently Zendesk worked with economist Tony Hockley, of the London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE), to explore the interplay of loyalty and identity.

The outcome is this research is compiled in an eBook that:

  • Compares relationships between consumers and brands with friendships

  • Explores the value of branded communities

  • The impact of shared identity on customer service and brand perception

Download this eBook for practical advice, examples and simple steps to use shared identity and customer service communities to boost loyalty.

This eBook is the third of a 3 eBook series. If you missed the first 2 eBooks, download them here:
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Sharing identity to foster customer loyalty