White Paper | 1 min read

Self-service—you’re already doing it, now do it with AI

Last updated December 7, 2023

A smart approach to customer self-service is essential for a business to scale efficiently. But you might not know that self-service channels are a great way to start making AI work for you, your customers, and your agents. Learn how AI-powered bots and robust knowledge bases are helping small businesses deliver great customer experiences alongside your expert humans.

We’ll debunk some common AI myths, including:

  • With a small team and conservative budget, AI isn’t worth the investment right now.
  • The skills gap is a huge hurdle. We’re just getting going with knowledge management and therefore don’t have anyone who is that familiar with AI.
  • Agents are way too busy to write, research, and update knowledge-base articles, let alone add a new, untested tool into the mix.
  • And more!