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Era of intelligent CX: Zendesk to unveil new AI capabilities

At Relate 2023, Zendesk will announce new AI-driven capabilities and share in-depth research that will help companies stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

By Mark Smith, Staff Writer

Last updated May 3, 2023

The world is experiencing a defining moment for humanity: after years of advances, artificial intelligence is having its coming out party. When experts compare it to the invention of the printing press or the Internet, that’s not hyperbole. AI will revolutionise huge segments of our society, and while the full ramifications of this technology cannot be fully known – after all, AI continues to rapidly evolve – Zendesk expects it to affect every single customer touchpoint. And for customer support agents, AI has already had huge effects on their productivity.

For example, our AI features have saved customers an estimated 35 years of labour. So as innovators in customer support software, we’re not just keeping track of developments in AI – we’re driving them. To that end, on 10 May we’ll unveil our new AI-driven product features during our Relate conference in San Francisco.

As innovators in customer support software, Zendesk isn’t just keeping track of developments in AI – it’s driving them.

Those new product features will help businesses provide richer, more satisfying customer experiences while drastically improving agent efficiency. Meanwhile, Zendesk’s extensive research into AI trends will provide the guidance and insights companies need to navigate the considerable challenges of this momentous era.
But first, let’s take a quick peek at what Zendesk will be announcing at Relate.

Zendesk’s new AI-driven products

Let’s get straight to it: Zendesk’s new enterprise-grade AI solution is coming in a matter of days. From bots to content, AI will soon be an intelligent layer for every part of customer journeys with Zendesk. While complete details will be announced at Relate, key values drove our product development.

First, Zendesk sees AI as being critical to the future of customer experience. While our new AI-driven products will help companies deliver intelligent customer experiences, they’re designed to enhance human efficiency. In other words, Zendesk’s new offerings will make it much easier to shape and manage the customer experience, offer rich personalisation at scale and, ultimately, supercharge productivity and cost savings.

We’ll be here to help your business develop core CX strategies in ways that meet short- and long-term goals, and doing so in a way that ensures your company safeguards customer data, complies with legal requirements and is cost effective.

What consumers expect from AI

Our AI-driven product innovations will be just part of the picture. Zendesk’s experts have been conducting extensive research into what consumers think about AI and how they expect it will change their experiences with companies.

That research about consumer perceptions of AI will be available 10 May, but here’s a preview: customers overwhelmingly expect AI to radically upend how they receive customer support.

Customers overwhelmingly expect AI to radically upend how they receive customer support.

Whether that entails AI filling context gaps for seamless CX or supercharged personalisation, what consumers told Zendesk will provide a clear roadmap for companies and their use of AI. For example, consumers want AI-driven tools such as chatbots and voice assistants to display more empathy, but just not too much. And they expect responses from those tools to be richer and more effective.

So for companies planning to implement more AI tools in their support operations, closely tracking consumer expectations won’t be an option – it will be a necessity.

How AI can boost efficiency and keep costs down

While we monitor and share crucial information about consumer sentiment surrounding AI, we’re also here to partner with companies by providing actionable tips about how the technology can be used to control costs, improve efficiency and retain customers.

For many companies, having to do more with fewer resources is a reality that won’t change any time soon. The need to control costs while also maintaining exceptional customer experiences for customers creates tension that AI can help resolve. In the coming weeks and months, Zendesk will release an in-depth playbook about how AI can be a key element in providing 24/7 service, deeper personalisation and streamlined operations as a business scales.

We’ll also be launching a new podcast, Conversations with Zendesk, on 17 May. That podcast will explore how AI can help businesses remain agile in an ultra-competitive market.

Zendesk will help you navigate a brave new world

Make no mistake: AI will disrupt how customer experiences are provided and transform internal operations. And these changes will affect businesses of all sizes, from startups to global enterprise companies. Through our innovative new product features, market research and actionable best practice, Zendesk will be here every step of the way to help your company succeed during a time of great change.