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Consumers expect AI to radically transform service

Zendesk’s research finds that companies must prepare for AI’s massive impact on how support is delivered to customers.

It’s clear that we’ve entered a new era in artificial intelligence and companies around the world are grappling with how to respond to this constantly evolving technology. Zendesk research indicates that AI will affect every customer touchpoint and businesses that want to remain competitive must have a thorough understanding of what consumers want and expect from the technology.

Zendesk interviewed thousands of consumers across 20 countries to gain a better understanding of how consumers view AI – how they want it to be used and what makes them excited about the technology. What Zendesk found provides a clear roadmap for businesses of all sizes, from startups to the largest companies on the planet.

This white paper sheds light on:

  • Why customers expect AI to upend how they interact with companies

  • How consumers view AI’s effect on delivering instant personalisation

  • How customers see AI supercharging bots and voice assistants

  • Generative AIs promise to dramatically improve the depth and quality of responses

  • Limits on how AI should display empathy and sensitivity

  • Why consumers believe AI will improve self-service

Consumers expect AI to radically transform service

Consumer perceptions of AI