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Quantifying the business impact of customer service

Customers demand more instantaneous, personalized attention, and companies are leveraging new technologies that go beyond traditional voice and email customer service channels to meet those demands. By implementing channels such as live chat, social media, mobile apps, SMS/text messages, self-help solutions, and more, companies can now be ready wherever and however the customer wants.

But just how meaningful are these experiences on consumer buying behavior? How long does the effect last? Do new technologies and recent cultural shifts significantly change the way experiences are evaluated? What expectations do customers have for the channels they use to contact support? And, do good interactions have the same long-term impact of negative interactions?

The following report, Quantifying the business impact of customer service, done by Dimensional Research in December of 2018, is based on a survey of 1044 individuals who have received online or phone customer service. Download the whitepaper to find out about the long-term impact of customer service on business results.

Key findings:

  • Customer service directly impacts long-term revenue

  • Excellent customer service requires a wide range of channels

  • Alternative channels are gaining popularity for customer service

  • Service channels must be coordinated to be effective

  • Expectations for good customer service are changing, especially for Millennials

Quantifying the business impact of customer service