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Sunshine™ technical guide

Learn how to connect and understand all your customer data.

With businesses managing three times as much data as they did five years ago, delivering the personalized experiences your customers have come to expect can be complicated. The technology footprint of modern companies is constantly growing while customer data is increasingly siloed across outdated systems. The end result is that customer experience teams can’t access the customer information they need, when they need it—they’re essentially left in the dark.

That’s why high performing customer experience teams are harnessing the power of connected customer data to create a single, actionable view of the customer that spans channels. And this is where Zendesk Sunshine—our open and flexible CRM platform that lets you seamlessly connect and understand all your customer data—flips the switch.

Use this guide to dive into the architecture of solutions built on Sunshine—and learn how to connect your data across your organization to create seamless, more personalized customer experiences.

This guide sheds light on:

  • The elements of Sunshine, including Unified Profiles, Custom Events, and Custom Objects.

  • Sunshine use cases and how our customers are using Sunshine to do everything from arming agents with relevant context to enabling proactive support.

  • Developing for Sunshine, such as technical requirements and resourcing.

  • Sunshine foundations, when it comes to the technology architecture and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) that power Zendesk on the back end.

Build something beyond traditional support