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Customer service management pays off

What is customer service management?

Customer service management is the combination of solutions, workflow and processes that go into managing the customer relationship. With a customer service management system, a company can rely on software and automation to reinforce its human techniques.

Businesses that use Zendesk's customer service management software can improve communication with their customers. They build more meaningful, personal and productive relationships with them.

The difference

The management of customer service is closely aligned with customer relationship management (CRM). CRM applications are used to gather information on preferences, buying habits and the customer experience. Groups like Sales, Customer Support and Marketing use CRM data to devise strategies to manage and improve customer service.

The essence of a good customer service system is its database. Any company from a small business to an enterprise can implement the software application. But true management of the customer service function depends on training the users to create tickets and record all customer interactions. A robust database contains every contact with every customer.

Better customer service

Companies that provide the best customer experience receive more positive feedback and enjoy the benefits of greater loyalty. They have better access to their customers and more accurate knowledge of customer needs. They can create the content, resources, processes and solutions that result in greater customer satisfaction.

The greatest long-term benefit is in marketing and sales. Happy customers buy more. By providing better management of their customer service, companies can strengthen customer relationships and improve sales.

The best time

There is never a wrong time to deliver excellent customer service. But deploying customer service software -- even in a free software solution -- can require planning. At a minimum, the solution should provide basic functions such as helpdesk, ticket management, automation, knowledge base, multichannel communication, social media and live chat. It should also include cloud integration so that employees have real-time access to customer data from anywhere.

CRM and customer service management software systems are designed to improve customer relationships. Free solutions deliver limited functions at no up-front cost, but they usually lack strong customer support resources, leaving companies to create their own fixes and fend for themselves. Some organizations discover that the most expensive software they ever bought was "free."

Zendesk - Simple customer service management

Zendesk makes all your customer interactions count by providing your employees with a full platform for customer service management and CRM. The fully integrated software solution includes everything needed to improve customer relationships through automated processes and systems.

Zendesk lives entirely in the cloud and boosts the productivity of agents and contact center teams, leading to better customer service and sales.

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