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Email management software

Get your email inbox under control

Remember when there was no need for email management software? Now we get emails about emails about emails. They get lost in the cracks, ignored, deleted, forwarded, and replied to all.

Your company grew. Your customer base grew. And your customer service email inquiries expanded into a full-time job. Emails have become a monster. Untamable for reliable customer service. Enter Zendesk email management software.

The inside scoop on email management software

Zendesk teamed up to resolve these issues by offering a simpler way of controlling emails with an email management software for customer support. Our customers use Zendesk to manage all their support channels in one spot. So nothing ever gets lost in the cracks. Internal communication can take place without emails. And everyone can see what's happening with a customer without being copied in.

Enjoy the benefits

With unparalleled email management in action, Zendesk is the fastest and easiest way to boost the efficiency of any customer service department.

Why Zendesk:

  • Put all your customer information in one place

  • Communication between you and your customers is efficient, relevant, and personal

  • Set agents up for success with effective tools for collaboration, information gathering, and automation

Next steps

Keep it simple. Try Zendesk for free. It's email management software that doesn't leave you hanging.

See which Zendesk plan works best for you.