Customer management software

Zendesk's customer management software solution lets your support and sales agents identify leads and sales opportunities. Open up fresh information to support teams, letting them ask more relevant questions and give more prudent answers. A better-equipped support team will manage your customer relationships to the next level by improving workflow and the quality of your customer interactions.

The inside scoop

With Zendesk Support, all your customer's company information is in one place. Everything you need lives in a single location making communication between you and your customers relevant, personal, and efficient.

Enjoy the benefits

Benefits of a strong customer management software include:

  • Business Rules. The initial process is triggered by ticket changes or time-based conditions. Start with our built-in best practices and customize to fit any workflow, from simple to the most complex
  • Macros. Create and share macros to quickly respond with a standard response and set of actions to common requests
  • On schedule. Maximize your team’s efforts with scheduled business hours, time tracking, and SLAs precisely measured integration ensures you don’t miss a beat

Next steps

Zendesk can manage your customer service relationships by tracking, prioritizing, and solving their needs. Don't take our word for it. Zendesk offers a free trial – take it for a spin.