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Workforce Engagement Management

Powerhouse operations for powerful teams

AI-driven workforce engagement management keeps your team running like a machine. A smooth experience ensures that both agents and customers remain happy in the long term.


Improve support quality from end to end

Inspire productivity

With automatic forecasting, scheduling and monitoring, you can run your team with precision. Cut down on inefficiencies and save the whole organisation time and money.

Get intel, effortlessly

From schedule adherence to resolution time, Zendesk sends you insights that show exactly how your team performs. Use the findings to stop service problems before they start.

Ensure superior CX

Make sure every conversation is top-tier. We evaluate 100% of interactions, including AI agents, and automatically highlight areas for coaching, because transparency builds trust.


Workforce management

View the full picture

With Zendesk workforce management, AI-powered forecasting and scheduling plus real-time performance reporting equals one big sigh of relief for you. Admins get more visibility and can better understand how to deploy agents.

Quality assurance (formerly Klaus)

Learn from every conversation

Using AI, we score 100% of interactions across channels, BPOs, agents and languages. From there, we spotlight gaps and issues, so you can turn your support around right away.

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