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Free Help Desk Software

Help desk software helps customer support teams and agents receive, process, and respond to service requests of any shape, size, color, or flavor. Far from automating and depersonalizing the customer-service experience, these tools are people-powered, giving customer service professionals an organized view of the request landscape.

Regardless of what phase your business is in, Zendesk has a host of options at the ready, allowing you to scale easily. Our technology works right out of the box, integrates with other tools, and expands to fit your business. Our help desk solution Zendesk Support offers a free trial.

Focus on the future

Many of these systems are available as SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service, packages. Cloud-based software is particularly appealing to new and/or small business owners, who are then freed from having to install help desk software on a local machine or on their own servers.

Solutions in the free-to-freemium spectrum are also appealing for businesses that are still scaling their operations, particularly their support presence. Full-featured help desk software solutions could cost an average of $100 per month, per customer service agent, which isn't always in the cards for companies still in the crawl phase. But that doesn't mean these businesses can't have eyes on the future.

Things to consider

This much is clear: A 10-person business isn't going to have the same help desk software needs as a 100-person or 1,000-person business. Size isn't the only thing that matters — the support demand and tenor for a boutique clothier will be very different from those of a boutique software company or a boutique interior design company.

If your business is outgrowing a free help desk software solution, you've probably already felt those growing pains. For example, are you noticing an increase in customer service queries coming in via social media? Are you feeling an increasing pressure to tally and categorize Facebook Messages, comments on your Facebook Page, DMs on Twitter, GChat, or email? If so, you might be approaching the walk or even run phase of your operation.

Other factors

How old is your business vs. how old is its customer service infrastructure? If your employees feel like they're driving an old clunker as they build relationships with your clients, it may be time to start kicking the tires on a new solution.

Though the cost of moving beyond free help desk software might sound steep, consider this: it's probably less than a few hours of each agent's paycheck, which is a small price to pay for saving time, improving productivity, and providing increased levels of organization and individual control on the job. If it saves them time and improves their workflow, it saves you money.

How Zendesk helps

For businesses looking to scale their customer service operations, you often get what you pay for. Zendesk help desk software, for example, streamlines customer support with time-saving tools, such as triggers and automations. And our users say it's intuitive, built like (who knew?) actual people may be using it.

We've tested top help desk solutions that you can use to troubleshoot a variety of user issues, including help tickets coming from social media websites.

Whether you call it the help desk, the service desk, or support desk software, all of these management solutions are a means to an end. The tools should allow you to build the best possible relationships between you and your customers.

Freedom isn't free (help desk software)

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