Zendesk for HR teams

Engaged employees are better for business

The power of engaged employees

Last updated May 23, 2023

Zendesk’s multi-channel request management and self-service portal give HR teams the power to streamline operations for happy, engaged employees. Because companies with the highest employee engagement see 4% more sales growth and shareholder returns than average, 90% lower staff turnover, and double the customer loyalty.

Self-service serves everyone

Engaged employees are empowered employees. That’s why a self-service portal is the first step to a better HR help desk. Zendesk’s Help Centre lets employees find the information they need about health insurance, benefits, and other policies, whenever they like, on any device.

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Be everywhere at once

Connect to employees where they are without extra work. Zendesk’s software can embed web, mobile and chat widgets on internal sites and portals. As the employee types, the widget displays links to relevant help centre articles to further reduce repetitive questions.

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Shorter, sweeter processes

Zendesk’s answer suggestion app analyses ticket content to add relevant help centre articles right next to the ticket. HR teams can also view employee data like holiday and benefit allocations by integrating with popular HR management systems such as Workday or other HR apps from the Zendesk app marketplace for a better ticketing system.


Back decisions with data

Visualise your work to discover team bottlenecks and process improvements. Zendesk’s powerful analytics track the volume of HR requests, and how quickly issues are resolved across locations and channels. Also, you can measure employee satisfaction related to HR support with automated employee sentiment surveys.

hr help desk software