Streamline communication: internal knowledge base software

How can you leverage an internal help center?

An internal company knowledge base — or an internal KB — is an employee knowledge base created by a company strictly for internal use. Think of it like an internal help center where your employees can get the correct information they need, right when they need it.

When done right, an internal company knowledge base saves employees’ time and energy, plus gives them all the vetted information they need to keep customers informed at an efficient pace. Increased efficiency and customer satisfaction — definitely a win-win. And, since it’s internal only, there’s no risk of sharing sensitive or private information with the public. This treasure trove of information is for your team and your team only.

When it comes to your team’s internal information, streamline and save time with Zendesk's internal knowledge base software.

Don’t waste time

They say no one likes a know-it-all, but when it comes to an well-functioning internal company knowledge base, we feel like knowing it all is pretty awesome — especially when it comes with improved customer satisfaction.

Fact: No one likes to be put on hold. Especially when “one brief moment” turns into several agonizing minutes while an agent goes searching for answers. Customer satisfaction plummets and employee frustration soars. Now, imagine that scenario if your agent could turn to an internal KB full of vetted answers to customer FAQs. There would be smiles. There would be dancing. Alright, maybe not dancing, but you get it. Efficiency and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand.

An internal knowledge base isn’t just great for customers; it’s a powerful resource for your entire team. We've all been new at a company and felt like we were starting from scratch. An internal KB is the first day of work gift that keeps on giving. There’s no need to waste time fumbling for information that’s out there. Whether it’s information about employee benefits or holiday schedules, your team can find answers quickly and focus on what matters — their work.

Save time and boost productivity with an internal knowledge base: a simple, easy to navigate resource for you and your entire team.

Provide complete internal information

Real talk: The ad hoc approach of providing internal information — you know, that one where every employee has “their own system” — does not work. From duplicating work to burying important information, it’s impossible to update that kind of system efficiently. Shuffling through multiple, color-coded folders while a customer waits on hold isn’t fun for anyone.

An internal knowledge base improves your team’s customer service efficiency. Whether your agent is supporting a customer in real-time by phone or responding to a support ticket, the knowledge an internal KB allows your agents to give customers exactly what they want — a quick resolution to their problem.

Beyond customer service skills, internal KB software can be used for an employee knowledge base. Instead of reaching out to members of your HR team for sensitive information like company policies and payroll, all of that information can be housed securely through your company’s internal knowledge base. That’s less strain on your HR team and less time wasted by employees trying to track them down.

The Zendesk solution

Now you know an internal knowledge base is exactly what your company needs to support both employees and customers. Before your stress, there’s no need to worry about how to build an internal KB from scratch. You’ve got us for that.

Zendesk's internal knowledge base software is intuitive and easy to use, and it’s built for employees at all levels. Zendesk allows support teams to create a robust internal knowledge base that grows and improves over time, making sure support agents always have quick access to the information they need.

Beyond an internal knowledge base, Zendesk helps you manage and streamline all employee support interactions into one organized location. Plus, our analytics and dashboards enable your HR and IT teams to make better decisions about what’s working for both your customers and employees.

So you have time to worry about the things that really matter, like why some people take their cats on walks.