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Improve customer experience with call monitoring

What is call monitoring?

Call monitoring is used to track ongoing support calls to help train new agents, ensure quality assurance, and get customer feedback. (Trust us, it’s not big brother). Using the call monitoring feature within Zendesk phone support software managers and supervisors can listen to calls in real-time without alerting agents or customers. This decreases agent ramp time, meet quality standards to provide a consistent customer experience.

Support your team

Being an agent in a call center isn’t a piece of cake—it’s hard. Call center monitoring software is essential in supporting new agents on the phone. Agents can learn best practices by monitoring support phone calls by seasoned agents. And managers can listen to ongoing calls and give real-time coaching tips. With the call listening feature in Zendesk, managers and agents can listen to calls wherever they are.

Quality over quantity

For businesses in regulated industries like healthcare or financial services, it’s critical to meet specific compliance regulations. It isn’t only regulated industries that need to meet quality goals—managers need to ensure that agents provide phone support that meets the company’s standards.

Feedback from the source

Call monitoring systems help managers hear first hand what frustrates and delights their customers. Oftentimes, managers may spend most of their time supervising a team, with limited customer interaction. Call listening software allows managers to periodically jump on calls to get unfiltered insight into the customer and agent experience.

Step in the right direction

Zendesk voice is call center software for more personal and productive phone support. Embedded in the Zendesk ticketing system, Talk offers call monitoring software, as well as flexible routing and IVR systems and powerful analytics, all within a multichannel support context. The only phone support solution native to Zendesk that offers seamless workflow and reporting integration, helping agents resolve issues faster and giving managers visibility into operations. Easy to setup and fully cloud-based, Zendesk allows teams to get up and running with full call center functionality in minutes, without engaging IT, hiring additional technicians, or managing new vendors.

See (and hear) for yourself