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Knowledge base software free trial

How can your business leverage a free trial of knowledge management software?

Help your customers help themselves with a free trial of knowledge base software from Zendesk. Knowledge base software is an application your company can use to publish every article and document necessary for customers to solve problems themselves. Also known as a semi-open source knowledge base, this resource is like a DIY help center where your customers can find useful information such as best practices, technical bulletins, tips, and workarounds in one central place.

Zendesk knowledge base software provides a simple yet powerful system for creating and managing your company’s knowledge base content. In lieu of scouring search engines and wading through tech blogs from the early 2000s, our powerful search interface makes it easy for customers to find the answers they need — right when they need them.

If “free” is your favorite number, get ready: Our knowledge base software is available as a free trial or free with a qualified Zendesk ticketing system plan. Wow. That’s a lot of free.

Empower your customers

A free trial of knowledge base software — or what the cool kids call “free trial kb software” — allows you to improve your overall customer experience.

  • Self-sufficiency is a beautiful thing. Give your customers the chance to help themselves instead of depending on you — at any time of day. By using a system that makes it simple for customers to access articles or documents they need, they are able to happily help themselves.

  • Users don’t want to wait for an agent in your call center. They want the answers they need at their fingertips — morning, noon, or night. And also on leap years. Can’t forget those. Give your customers the information they want — the way they want it — with free trial of knowledge base software.

More time for your team

A free trial of knowledge base software gives customers the autonomy they crave, but it also gives your support team a major gift: time. Customer independence means your chat team can work on bigger projects for your business like creating content, troubleshooting communication breakdowns, building out your knowledge base to keep you ahead of the competition, and even mastering the art of bird calling (off the clock, of course). Simply put, your team has time and bandwidth to focus on the complex projects that will help your business grow.

Boost your user experience

By implementing a free knowledge base software trial, your business will be able to meet needs all along the customer journey:

  • initial reach
  • first sale
  • relationship development
  • renewals and upgrades
  • brand advocacy

Upgrading to a paid plan from Zendesk comes with even more knowledge base features, so you can start to help your prospects, users, and returning customers help themselves. Again, you don’t have to run towards free trial kb software. But you should definitely at least trot towards it. Or maybe take it up to a more swift gallop.

Add self-service to your business superpowers

Customers are never a burden, but supporting them can feel like a burden when you don’t have an efficient system in place. Take that unnecessary weight off your shoulders and replace it with the self-service option your customers both want and need. Plus, Zendesk’s easy-to-use interface is the best way to get your baby birds out of call center nest.

Start a free Zendesk trial today.