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Knowledge Capture App

Empower agents to capture knowledge and build on it over time to improve your knowledge base and self-service outcomes.

Know better, do better

Your agents know the best ways to help a customer. That information is valuable, but often goes missing if it’s not documented right when it happens. The KC app turns that agent know-how into effective content for your knowledge base on the spot, making it easy to maintain and develop high quality articles.

Look no further for answers

The Knowledge Capture app allows agents to solve tickets faster with relevant help center content at their fingertips. By automatically searching and suggesting articles based on the brand and language of the ticket, the Knowledge Capture app surfaces AI-powered article recommendations that agents can link to ticket responses in just one click.

knowledge base app

Keep knowledge up to date

While helping customers, agents will likely find articles that are incorrect or out of date. When they come across articles that need improvements, they can immediately flag the articles and add feedback, naturally maintaining your knowledge base with relevant content.

knowledge base app

Identify and fill in the content gaps

If agents can’t find what they’re looking for, they can instantly create and share new articles using predefined templates. By capturing knowledge on the fly, agents will continuously enrich your knowledge base with articles that answer your customer’s issues.

Knowledge Base Articles

Measure and improve

Admins can access the Knowledge Capture dashboard to analyze which articles help agents solve the most tickets. You can dive deeper and and use those insights to evolve your knowledge base over time.

knowledge capture

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