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Knowledge management systems

What is a knowledge management system?

In short, an effective knowledge management system is a powerful tool, giving you the ability to gather, store, update, and access valuable organizational content. It's a win for both your company and your customers.

The inside scoop on knowledge management systems

Zendesk uses technology to help your organization capture and leverage institutional knowledge and information. And our knowledge base software works natively with our ticketing system, which translates to a better self-service experience and greater agent efficiency.

Did you know?

As an effective knowledge management system, Zendesk knowledge base:

  • Structures content - use the sophisticated tagging system to slice and dice articles for easy sorting
  • Provides access to deleted content in archives
  • Allows you to view previous edits to content
  • Lets you select your audience for content - choose to make information public, require registration, or restrict viewing to agents only

In addition, Zendesk helps to make your information attractive to customers with a customizable help center.

Next steps

Find out how you can use Zendesk's knowledge management software to streamline processes and make more information and resources more accessible. Your customers — and your agents — will thank you.

See which Zendesk plan works best for you.