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Knowledge management tools

What are knowledge management tools?

Knowledge management tools are systems organizations use for sharing information internally and externally. Examples of knowledge management tools include customer relationship systems, learning management systems and knowledge bases. If you've ever checked out a company's FAQ or an online tutorial, then you've made use of knowledge management tools.

In this way Zendesk can be incredibly effective for helping subject-matter experts get information out of their own heads, and into the public domain where the knowledge can be easily transferred from person to person.

Customer relationship systems

These systems help marketing, sales, and customer service teams track prospect and customer information over the course of the customer relationship. By using a CRM, you can track first contact with a prospect to understand how they came to you, and what information they've consumed on your website. You can then track the interactions that your sales team has with them over the course of the buying cycle, and continue to track interactions such as repeated purchases. Storing all of this customer data in a knowledge management tool enables your entire team to understand the context of the customer relationship, so you can offer a more informed response to any issues that may arise.

Learning management systems

Many enterprise companies use LMS tools as a way to manage the employee training and education process. Companies can use LMS technology to share online training modules and job-related educational resources that will help their teams optimize processes and improve performance. LMS courses are also frequently used to address compliance issues, ensuring that employees are aware of new regulations that may impact the way they do their jobs.

Knowledge base

An online knowledge base is a searchable directory of content about your products and how they are used. This knowledge management tool might include technical content about how to troubleshoot your software, answers to commonly asked questions, and other information that will provide your customers with a better experience using your software or product.

Start easing your customer support burden

Your enterprise can use several types of knowledge management tools in your practice to provide your user base with better access to organizational history and subject-matter expertise. Making the right choice will dramatically improve your ability to share knowledge.

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