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Reviews of Zendesk

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Last updated May 3, 2023

Zendesk is helping more than 90,000 businesses build better relationships with their customers. See what your peers are saying and how they review Zendesk across the internet.

Reviews from GetApp

“Zendesk enables us to maintain a customer-facing solution that is economical, scalable, and well suited to our available staffing. It helps us keep the lines of communication open between technical staff and users. The interface for technical staff is easy to use and supported on multiple platforms.” — Christopher. Read more reviews on GetApp.

Reviews from Pandia

“Zendesk is one of the most popular help desk software that has been used by thousands of big companies around the world. It offers reliable service with complete features designed to help your company build better relationships with your customers.” — Jay. Read more reviews on Pandia.

Reviews from Serchen

“Zendesk has made running customer service so much easier. Now we can easily incorporate both our Facebook & Twitter customers into our queue, and I like to use their iPhone app to answer tickets while I wait for my morning latte. Love love love Zendesk! Highly recommended.” — Joseph. Read more reviews on Serchen.

How they use it - L'Oréal

“Our team can now stay on top of every issue and it?s easy for us to get an overview of all the tickets raised. The Zendesk metrics mean I can monitor trends across the business, such as which unit submits the most tickets, how long tickets take to resolve, and what the peak times are during the day.”

– David Desinger, ETNEHS Technician


“Zendesk has really changed our entire approach to managing customer support. Zendesk?s business rules analysis lets us gauge our performance and look for spots where our workflow can be more efficient.”

– Ryan Riddle, Customer Support Manager

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