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Increase satisfaction with customer experience software

What is customer experience software?

Customer experience software is a cloud-based solution that enables teams to manage customer interactions across the entire buyer journey, all from a single, unified workspace.

With customer experience (CX) software, agents can seamlessly move from one communication channel to the next, access customer data from any external source, and maintain the customer context they need to provide consistent, reliable support.

Manage support interactions with a customer experience platform

True customer experience software provides a holistic view of every interaction throughout the customer lifecycle. . To do that, a CX solution must be capable of providing advanced reporting and insights.

That’s where Zendesk’s customer experience software really shines. Zendesk comes with a powerful reporting and analytics solution to measure and improve the entire customer experience. With it, managers can analyze hundreds of customer touchpoints for opportunities to improve their support operations.  

Colin Wilkinson—Etsy’s Senior Manager of Agent Enablement, Member Services—was able to get more insight into customer interactions with our customer experience platform. 

“The visibility that [Zendesk] brings has helped us improve our support operations tremendously—we’re now able to surface problem areas from our tickets, quickly fix routing rules, and identify training opportunities for our team.

Colin Wilkinson, Senior Manager, Agent Enablement, Member Services at Etsy

Zendesk helps managers uncover opportunities for improvement at even the most granular level by providing visibility into agent productivity, volumes across various channels, and the most critical reasons why your customers are getting in touch.

With these tools, our customer experience platform helps break down complex support operations into specific, actionable insights.

Customer experience management pays off

The goal of a customer experience solution is to provide customers the help they need, in the way they prefer. But with so many options for contacting a company, it’s harder than ever to keep track of customer conversations.

To provide the personalized service customers expect, your agents need to be available on the communication channels those customers prefer. More importantly, conversations across those channels must be connected.

Customer experience software like Zendesk simplifies the complexity of omnichannel support by merging those conversations into a single view. All conversation history and customer information are accessible in one agent workspace, so your team will always have the context they need to provide exceptional support.

Jonathan Bolton, SVP of Operations at BombBomb, said Zendesk’s unified workspace helped his team increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) to 98%.

“Our customers reach out to us across several channels, including email, chat and phone. With Agent Workspace, we’re able to unify these channels in one place so that our support team can offer contextual, personal experiences, which has ultimately helped us boost our CSAT to 98%.”

Jonathan Bolton, SVP of Operations, BombBomb

Zendesk makes it easy for your team to provide a consistent, seamless customer experience across any communication channel.

Measure and improve your customer experience with Zendesk

Proper management of the customer experience requires an end-to-end view of customer engagement. You need to analyze interactions across all communication channels, whether that’s social media or your contact center.

Zendesk makes it easy to understand all of the ways customers interact with your company. It helps companies identify bottlenecks in the customer journey, whether they’re happening at the agent level or the customer level.

Our customer experience software provides the analytics and insights you need to better understand your customers and, in turn, provide the best experience possible. Your team will be able to work together more efficiently and help improve overall customer satisfaction.

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