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    “At Slack, our Support team has grown 17x in the past 24 months. Zendesk Apps have helped us seamlessly integrate our tools to help us keep up with that growth. The pre-built integrations provide more context to every customer interaction, so our team never has to leave Zendesk.”

    Ali Rayl, Head of Customer Support, Slack
    Slack's top apps
    This app has allowed us to handle Google Play store reviews in the same prompt manner as all other interactions, and made it easier to capture what customers are saying, which we feed back into our product teams."
    Using Quickie has really helped improve the efficiency of our agents by allowing them to access their important views from anywhere within Zendesk without having to leave their current context."

    Zendesk apps come in many different flavours. We have everything, from productivity and time tracking to eCommerce and social media. They’re all designed to extend your Zendesk and make life easier for you and your agents.

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    Using our API and apps framework you can build pretty much anything. And once you do, you can place it in the marketplace for all Zendesk customers to find. Or just keep it for yourself–whatever feels right.

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