It’s a new dawn

Zendesk Sunshine™ is an open and flexible CRM platform native to AWS. Connect all your customer data for complete context - wherever it lives - and give developers and admins the tools they need to build the best customer experience.

Bring everything full circle

Sunshine is native to AWS and powered by data both inside and outside Zendesk, so you can build any kind of application for customers or business users.

See what makes Sunshine so bright

Sunshine is made up of 4 core components—Unified Profiles, Custom Events, Custom Objects and Conversations—giving you everything you need to get a complete view of the customer experience.

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Unified profiles

Build customer profiles with attributes from third-party applications to get a more complete picture of your customers.

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Custom events

Capture every customer interaction—such as shopping basket, web or mobile activity—to get a dynamic view of the customer journey.

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Customised objects

Store and connect new data sources, like products and order history, for greater context about your customer.

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Bring messages from every channel together into a single, unified view of the customer conversation.

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Integrate systems in minutes, not months

With the Amazon Events Connector, you can stream Zendesk events in real time into key AWS services, and unlock the potential of your customer data.

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Zendesk Events Connector workflow chart