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OCUS: responding better and faster with the same team

OCUS chose Zendesk to provide streamlined, efficient and truly omnichannel customer support. The result: half the ticket resolution time and 90% customer satisfaction.

“With Zendesk, we now offer self-service assistance. We use the tools and organise the teams as we wish, and we can obtain very precise data, which allows us to identify and solve problems involving our product and our back-office. This has helped us a lot.”

Imane Abbachi

Head of Customer Success at OCUS


Reduced ticket resolution time (from 9 to 6 min)


Bounce rate of help centre articles


Lead time in one hour


Customer satisfaction

OCUS is an integrated photography solution that enables brands to access a global network of more than 20,000 image creators, automated workflows and advanced BI tools. The resulting images improve engagement and conversion rates and contribute to the growth of these brands.

OCUS: a platform dedicated to brand image

Combining a technological platform with a global community of image creators, OCUS produces high-quality visual content. Whether it’s photo or video, this tailor-made content is provided to large customer accounts seeking turnkey, high-quality images in large quantities. OCUS is a comprehensive solution that includes post-production and support. Imane Abbachi, Head of Customer Success, was tasked with reducing the number of tickets and incoming requests, in order to provide quick and qualitative responses to each request based on key KPIs.

The mission objective was to optimise resources in terms of volume and employees, regardless of how much the flow of requests increased. OCUS chose Zendesk to help create a close-knit, highly skilled team capable of improving the quality and efficiency of responses through simplified, efficient and truly omnichannel customer support.

“At OCUS, all of our teams use Zendesk.”Imane Abbachi, Head of Customer Success at OCUS Today, the OCUS team is divided by region: a local team with five employees in France dedicated solely to support, as well as teams in Asia and America. At OCUS, all employees use Zendesk, as well as around a dozen Zendesk Marketplace apps, such as Humorikon and Lokalise, which are very useful for a company with international customers. Regardless of the language, the Lokalise application allows content to be automatically translated. The Diduenjoy application, which automates sending out satisfaction surveys, has also been integrated directly through Zendesk. This easy-to-use and intuitive application is used by both the community of image creators and the OCUS team.

Applications designed for support and customer relations

For OCUS, satisfying customers first requires providing the best working conditions for its own teams. In addition to Talk for telephone services and Zendesk Support for ticketing and centralising customer interactions, the company makes great use of the Zendesk Guide solution, a smart knowledge base for better self-service. How does it work? Capturing and implementing the know-how of the teams. Guide integrates with Zendesk Support to offer better self-service to customers and to increase the efficiency of agents.

Recently, the company also implemented Chat, an instant, automated and personalised support messaging service. Unlike over-the-phone support, Chat is the most appropriate way to respond to requests from users who want an immediate response. Chat offers an excellent compromise for both customers and internal teams. Whether live or via messaging, the application allows for optimal responsiveness, which is essential for anticipating customer questions and increasing satisfaction. Chat can also handle other issues such as the question of language and translation, which is crucial for OCUS and its international clients.

Tools to support the international dynamic of OCUS

With a worldwide presence, OCUS faces multiple constraints depending on the country. Thanks to Zendesk, OCUS has been able to structure itself in a way that allows it to address different issues depending on the region. Zendesk products have enabled OCUS to automate many tasks and to respond to this international dynamic. The versatility and flexibility of Zendesk applications have helped the international expansion of OCUS run more smoothly. In less than a year, the company has developed a number of solutions intended for its major clients all over the world: “We now offer self-service assistance. We use the tools and organise the teams as we wish, and we can obtain very precise data, which allows us to identify and solve problems involving our product and our back-office.” Imane Abbachi

A human and personalised customer relationship

In the past, customer support was provided by a partner team in North America and Morocco. The goal was to meet the growing demand for tickets and to ensure flow management. Without being able to resolve simple problems through articles or self-help, outsourcing seemed to be the best solution. However, the expected level of quality was too high. This huge disparity forced OCUS to change its strategy: keeping outsourcing for certain needs and internalising the customer support team. Today, the support team consists of a small, highly-qualified team that can offer personalised service and resolve problems effectively.

With the help of Zendesk, OCUS is able to determine its users’ problems and respond to them as quickly as possible. The company has even been able to develop its own widget in order to obtain very precise data. Using Guide statistics coupled with Google Analytics, the OCUS teams are able to obtain an extremely detailed view of what is and isn’t working. OCUS is therefore able to measure the effectiveness of the widget and to improve it using key KPIs if needed. The help centre has a bounce rate of 43%, which is very satisfactory.

Automation and the widget bring many benefits. Among these is the fact that OCUS teams no longer need to fill out forms, which saves time and improves productivity for the teams, who can now resolve a ticket in six minutes, compared to nine minutes previously, which is a 50% improvement in resolution time!

By choosing Zendesk, the OCUS teams now benefit from an extremely versatile tool. Zendesk products have no development limits and offer infinitely flexible and scalable solutions for a high degree of autonomy, without requiring any additional resources or developers, and without needing to plan for additional funding. The reduced costs and ease of use benefit both clients and the OCUS teams.

At a time when the health crisis continues to loom over the economy, OCUS is fostering new ambitions. Today, the start-up looks towards the future with confidence. Among its upcoming projects, investments are planned to develop Chat via telephone. The company also intends to further refine the issues faced by image creators to reduce the number of identical (elite) team tickets.