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Elevate the conversation

The full service experience

Providing support across channels can be complicated — but your customers don’t need to know that. The Support Suite allows your business to have natural conversations with customers, without letting them know what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s sophisticated enough to meet complex needs, and simple enough to let you get up and running immediately.

It’s omnichannel

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The Support Suite allows your team to work seamlessly, with a single set of tools and processes that work the same on any channel. And yes, we do mean ANY channel: Email, chat, voice, and even social messaging apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat and more.

Photo: Agent chat window with Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, LINE and WhatsApp.
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Product photo: Customer details, with interactions modal overlayed.

A customer-centric view

Show what you know

Zendesk is built to be open and flexible, so your team can connect all your data sources and bring up the right information about your customers automatically. Best of all — it’s all open standards, so no one has to learn a new coding language.

Flexible agent workspace

Enhance your support space

Whatever your support looks like, you can adjust Zendesk to fit your needs. From day one, your team can customise their support environment based on use case or channel. No code required.

Product photo: Customer chat window, with customer details and an interaction timeline overlayed.
Photo: Portrait of a young woman smiling, wearing a yellow sweater.
Photo: Portrait of young man smiling, wearing a red button-up shirt.
Product photo: Agent and customer chat screen.

Collaborate across teams

Make a party of it

Give customers the most accurate answer by involving the right people in the conversation. Our products plug into your other internal tools — such as Slack — to help ease the burden on an agent looking for answers.

Decide with data

Make friends with trends

Metrics matter. They help you improve team performance, understand customer needs, all of which adds up to better customer experiences. The Support Suite lets you track interactions across channels.

Product photo: Ticket dashboard.

The Support Suite really works

Tell us about yourself and see in just a few seconds how omnichannel can change your customer support —whether it’s giving time back to your customers, saving time for your agents, or increasing your ROI.

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Projected ROI

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The estimates above are based on our Zendesk Benchmark metrics median first-reply time, average agent handling time and median first-resolution time of Zendesk omni-channel customers. Agent hours saved and the projected ROI are calculations based on an upgrade from Zendesk Support to the Support Suite. This doesn’t even include ticket deflection from self-service! Of course, your omni-channel performance may differ.

Start a free trial of the Support Suite to see it in action.

*Please note that this tool does not include data from our recent ESG report.

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Start in less than a day

It’s true. With Zendesk, you can start to solve your most important service challenges, and have a really easy implementation.

The price is right

Getting started does not mean emptying your pockets. Get the Support Suite at just   per agent.

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“Zendesk helps my team by unifying support channels in one place, so customer support can respond and offer conversational, contextually relevant experiences across any channel.”

Jonathan Bolton

SVP Operations BombBomb