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Cheerz makes customers smile with the help of Zendesk

Cheerz, a European digital photo printing company is enchanting their customer experience with an omnichannel strategy based on Zendesk’s Chat and WhatsApp Solutions. They’ve managed to keep making their customers smile by achieving a customer satisfaction of 90%!

"Zendesk gives us all the tools to optimise our customer service and provide a quality customer experience."

Louise Martin

Customer Experience Manager at Cheerz

"Thanks to Zendesk, we have brought everything together on a single platform. This allows us to avoid spreading ourselves too thin and save time in resolving tickets."


Customer Service Agent at Cheerz





Delivering to

45+ countries

Service in

5 languages


Customer Satisfaction


Decrease in contact rate

2 hrs

1st time reply


Tickets in Whatsapp

From start-up to international expansion

A scalable tool to support global growth

Created in 2012, Cheerz has grown from 2 to 150 employees to cover 45 countries and provide customer support in 5 languages. Valued at 45 million, Cheerz is one of the gems of French Tech. With such growth, Cheerz needed a partner like Zendesk, to be able to scale with the growth and international expansion of the company.

"Zendesk gives us all the tools we need to optimise our customer service and provide a quality customer experience. - Louise Martin, Customer Experience Manager, Cheerz

Omnichannel to meet the needs of all customers

Being on your customers' preferred channels throughout their journey

One of Cheerz's major challenges is to manage peak loads and support customers in the creation of complex products. This is why they have implemented an omnichannel customer experience strategy. Centralized on Zendesk's CRM platform, Cheerz offers its customers the possibility to interact with their team via email, chat, Whatsapp messaging and social channels. Their Help Centre completes the range of channels for customers who wish to find answers on their own.

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A Successful Strategy

90% CSAT!

Cheerz maintains a high level of customer satisfaction at 90%. Their customers particularly appreciate direct channels such as WhatsApp or chat, which are the most used channels after web forms. Whatsapp in particular accounts for 23% of the tickets and achieves a CSAT of 89%! Finally, the contact rate has dropped from 20% to 15% in one year with the implementation of a help centre, which allows customers to find solutions faster by themselves.

"Zendesk allows us to share the voice of the customer internally" - Louise Martin, Customer Experience Manager, Cheerz

Using Zendesk’s Marketplace Apps

Personalising the Customer Experience

To improve satisfaction and offer a better experience to their agents and customers, Cheerz has developed a number of applications using the Zendesk Marketplace. For instance, Diduenjoy enables customers to be redirected to rating platforms and improve Cheerz’s rating on Google My Business by up to one point, and 0.5 points on Trustpilot. Miuros, through optimised data analysis and quality assurance, saved Cheerz 5 minutes on each QA review and increased CSAT by 2 points. Finally, Shipup enabled real-time monitoring of deliveries and reduced customer returns on deliveries by 8 points.

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