IVR Software

IVR Software

Give customers fast answers and route them where they want to go with powerful and easy-to-use IVR software from Zendesk Talk.

Deliver better service with IVR Software

With multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology from Zendesk Talk, route customers to the right agent or department in your call centre and provide recorded responses for frequently asked questions. Easily create a menu with options that callers can choose through key presses and route to agent groups, voice mail, external numbers, or even additional IVR menus.

Streamline call routing

Connect your customers to the right agents in your call centre to limit waiting time and boost efficiency.

IVR Software

Do more with less

Deflect common questions with pre-recorded greetings for FAQs, such as opening hours or promotions, saving time for your customers and agents.

Set up in minutes

Create an IVR system right in the Zendesk browser. Upload or record greetings, build menus and easily make changes to customise your customers' experiences.

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