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Customers want to communicate with your business like they do with their friends—effortlessly. Using popular messaging apps such as WhatsApp, WeChat or Facebook, Zendesk enables your team to have natural and personalised conversations with customers, all through one unified workspace.

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This time, it’s personal

The best messaging apps are the ones your customers prefer. With integrations built into WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Direct Messages, LINE and WeChat, you can build meaningful relationships in the way they like best.

One size fits all

Make things easy for your customers and your agents. Using a single agent workspace, your team can view all customer interactions across popular messaging apps, live chat, email and phone—all in one place.

An effortless addition

Add messaging to Zendesk without missing a beat. Connect popular messaging apps to Zendesk Support or the Support Suite quickly and easily, enabling your teams to increase productivity using their existing workflows.


Go the extra mile

Social messaging app notifications

Keep watch

Stay on top of things. A live notification view lets agents see conversations from social messaging apps in real time—even while browsing between ticket tabs.

Customised button settings

On the button

Be available when customers need you. Create customised buttons for your website or mobile app to let them know they can message you whenever, wherever.

Messaging auto-responders

Respond in a flash

No more waiting if agents are offline or occupied. Auto-responders let you reply to customers immediately with tailored messages on popular messaging platforms.

Hands touching

Efficient messaging, real results

Reply in record time

“When we implemented the WhatsApp integration, things escalated quickly. Our SLA of 24 hours dropped to 6 hours and then, through more training with the reps or agents, it went down to one minute. WhatsApp is one of the best communication bases we have with customers today.”

Oswaldo Romero Carranza

Customer Service Manager at PayJoy

Logo: PayJoy

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Here’s the deal

Social Messaging is available as an add-on to the Professional and Enterprise plans for Zendesk Support for   per agent, per month and is included free of charge in the Zendesk Support Suite plans.*

*Seat purchases must match existing seat count for Zendesk Support

Price does not include WhatsApp phone number. WhatsApp phone numbers cost  /phone number/month

Available on certain service plans